Cool electric aircraft…Beginning the future?

Electric is hot! Even in a dull economy with sluggish airplane sales, the spark of electric power is crackling with life. Numerous projects have been announced and organizations like EAA are making way for electric airplanes to showcase themselves at big shows like AirVenture.

Now, from an Italian manufacturer comes the work of world champion hang glider pilot, Manfred Ruhmer, and his Icaro 2000 electric “Nano Trike.”

OK, you may be a pilot who wants structure around yourself and perhaps a glass cockpit with autopilot or the maximum speed permissible. But watch the video and see if this inspires your inner pilot.

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Diabetic? You can still fly — if you’re willing to jump through some hoops

I recently had a 43-year-old diabetic pilot in my office for a Third Class Medical. My examination of the airman was unremarkable. His urinalysis was negative for sugar. He was slightly obese. Reports were provided stating he had no hypoglycemic reactions and no ophthalmological, neurological or nephrology problems. His A1C blood test, a measure of average blood glucose control for the past two to three months, was 8.0 — within FAA limits. A report from his family physician stated he was in great shape and his diabetes was adequately controlled. With the information provided, I passed the airman.

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