Context is hard to find when the numbers are this big

Posted on February 24th, 2013 by

We are all encouraged to “Write Congress” to support [fill in the cause here] from time to time. Often, the intention of the person seeking help is honorable. A post I just read on the Facebook page of Kyle Franklin... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the NFL

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A few days before the Seattle Seahawks played the Washington Redskins in the Wild Card round of the National Football League playoffs, General Aviation News columnist, and nearly Washington D.C. resident Charles Spence emailed me to poke a little fun... Continue Reading →


Props for the prop

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This time of year I find myself doing a lot of intro flights. The first question people ask is, “is it safe?” I reply that I’m more concerned about my safety driving to the airport than I am in the... Continue Reading →

Time and talent

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The church my family attends makes available to all comers a time and talent sign-up form. Our church, like most churches, has far more needs, and desires, than the paid staff can, or should, reasonably accomplish. As a result, we’ve... Continue Reading →


The other side of Summit

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Picture this: 80 airplanes, more than 400 booths, and hours of seminars in beautiful Palm Springs, Calif. That pretty much sums up this year’s Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Aviation Summit. In the more than 10 years I have been... Continue Reading →

By the numbers

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We all have a lot of numbers thrown at us every day. A few numbers I’ve heard in the last few weeks are worrying, but I’ve also heard some numbers that give me hope. From Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association... Continue Reading →


Join the club

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The subject of flying clubs and their relative merit has taken up space in this column before. I’m a believer. The idea of spreading the cost of ownership across eight or 10 or 12 partners in a flying club makes... Continue Reading →

Compatible use

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Recently my wife, kids, Mom and I all flew to Des Moines, Iowa, for the wedding of one of my cousins. While in Des Moines, we drove east to Newton to see where my Mom grew up. On our way... Continue Reading →


The saviors of general aviation

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Guest Editorial By MITCH LATTING and JOLIE LUCAS Recently a critic of ours said that we “fly around the country acting like they are the saviors of general aviation.” As we thought about this criticism, we had to admit there... Continue Reading →

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Shady Acres celebrates golden anniversary

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SPANAWAY, Wash. — Shady Acres, a residential airpark, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a potluck party at the home of Rick and Bobbie Wicklander on Sept. 1. Current and former residents showed up, about 50 in all, for the celebration. Continue Reading →