Letter: KidVenture, 7-year-old key to getting AirVenture juices flowing again

Posted on August 19th, 2012 by

Last week I wrote, “A suggestion for keeping the magic of AirVenture alive.” I’ve received a handful of emails thanking me for the post, some of which offered personal experiences. A few I’m still following up on, but following is... Continue Reading →


First Thun Cubs and Classics a hit

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PUYALLUP, Wash. — The first Thun Cubs and Classics at Thun Field (KPLU) was a hit. After low morning weather lifted, Cubs, Champs, a Howard DGA, a Fleet and several other aircraft arrived to enjoy a day of hanging out... Continue Reading →


A suggestion for keeping the magic of AirVenture alive

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AirVenture is a magical place. I didn’t attend in 2011 and couldn’t wait to attend this year. After all was said and done, I wasn’t disappointed. By the numbers, AirVenture is huge. Continue Reading →

More veterans launch skyward

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Ageless Aviation Dreams continues its tour of the Pacific Northwest taking veterans and seniors for a ride in its Boeing Stearman. The barnstorming tour also attracts “good news” stories on local news channels. See the KVAL.com story here. Continue Reading →

What role does radio-controlled flying have in GA?

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At the Arlington Fly-In in July I bought a Blade Scout radio-controlled (RC) helicopter. It’s a beginner-level RC. It’s also an absolute blast to fly. Horizon Hobby was the exhibitor. “We are trying to reach new markets, that’s why we are here in Arlington,” said Kim... Continue Reading →

UAS operation in the homeland

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“According to a recent national poll conducted by Monmouth University in New Jersey, nearly two-thirds of Americans support the use of unmanned aircraft [systems] (UAS) to protect the U.S. borders and control illegal immigration. Eighty percent of Americans support the use of unmanned aircraft to help in... Continue Reading →

The search is on for Texas Airplane #21

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John Bradberry from Sulphur Springs, Texas sent me an email recently with a very specific request. I’m hoping someone from our readership can assist him. “On Thursday, May 19, 1938, Texaco Airplane #21 piloted by Roy Harding landed at six towns in Northeast... Continue Reading →

SR22T Platinum 04

A sweet deal

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Psst. Hey buddy…you wanna buy a new Cirrus? I’ll make you a sweet deal… Jamail Larkins and his team at Ascension Air are anything but shady characters, but they will make you a sweet deal on a 2012 Cirrus SR22T... Continue Reading →

Flight Design CTLS

Shades of grey

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General Aviation News columnist Dan Johnson recently wrote about LSAs vs. Cessna 150s. The post discusses the pros and cons of a new Light-Sport Aircraft versus the venerable Cessna 150. Dan was a long-time 150 owner and is “the man”... Continue Reading →


Rich Suicidal Idiots

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GUEST EDITORIAL By THOMAS P. TURNER Rich, suicidal idiots — that’s what most people think about general aviation pilots. In many ways we bring these perceptions on ourselves. If we are to improve the public’s opinion of personal aviation, these... Continue Reading →