50 years of safe flying


Ohio’s Tom Root was awarded the Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” Award in September. He applied for the award “based on a lifetime of single pilot/photographer with over 5,000 hours doing aerial photography.”

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Beijing’s first GA firm

China Daily reported that the Beijing General Aviation Group (BGAG) has been co-founded by Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) and Beihang University, in terms of capital ($15.7 million) and technologies, respectively. According to Wikipedia, BAIC is a state-owned automaker that manufactures Hyundai and Mercedes-branded autos for sale on the Chinese market.

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Congress is listening… at least one member is

Congressman Todd Rokita (Indiana) is a commercially-rated pilot who shares my concern with regulatory bloat and responded to my editorial “Have you put on some weight?

I recently read your editorial in General Aviation News titled “Have you put on a few pounds?” As both a commercially rated private pilot and as a member of Congress I share your concern with the regulatory bloat of the federal government. [Read more...]

Meet Larry Cruz, Reno Air Races crash survivor

Larry Cruz

Meet Larry Cruz. Larry was at the Reno’s National Championship Air Races last month when The Galloping Ghost crashed. Actually, Larry was under The Galloping Ghost when it crashed.

When the dust and debris settled following the horrific crash of September 16, Larry was barely conscious. Injuries included: a severed right hand, crushed right leg and foot, fractured skull, torn tendons and ligaments in the left arm and hand and extensive shrapnel wounds. His spirit, and desire to live, remained firmly intact.

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‘Congress must now act responsibly’

By Ben Sclair

The U.S. Senate passed legislation today (Thursday, September 15) that extends funding for the FAA four months and avoids a second partial FAA shutdown. The following quote on the topic blows me away. “It is a positive step for the country that the Congress has passed this historic combination of extensions, which is important for job creation and our nation’s infrastructure,” Rep. John L. Mica (R-FL) said.  “With the FAA bill delayed four and half years and a two year delay on the highway measure, Congress must now act responsibly to enact long-term reauthorizations that will put Americans back to work and build our nation’s infrastructure.”

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10-hour flight for EnergyOr UAV

MONTREAL — EnergyOr Technologies, a fuel cell energy developer, announced its fuel cell powered Faucon H2 UAV completed a 10-hour, 4-minute flight. From the press release, the Faucon H2 has a 3-meter (9.84 foot) wingspan, a 1.2-meter (3.93 foot) length and 9-kg (19.84 pound) mass and cruises at 65-100 km/h (40.38-62.13 mph).

After reading the release, I contacted EnergyOr President and CEO Michel Bitton. My question was simple: Can you elaborate on a potential road map for the fuel cell power technology and if you see it scaling up to serve light aircraft? Michel responded as follows: [Read more...]

Lake Tahoe Airshow pictures

Big iron on the Lake Tahoe airport ramp

LAKE TAHOE, California — Ed Rosiak, president of the California Pilots Association, attended Saturday’s (August 27) Lake Tahoe Airport‘s Airshow. Below are a few pictures from the ramp, and from Ed’s email to me, a few comments on the airport. “What is important to understand is that just a few years ago the South Lake Tahoe City Council was ignoring its airport, and allowing it to fall into a state of disrepair. Then a few years back a fire swept through the west side side of the Tahoe basin. Fire fighter aircraft were brought into TVL (Lake Tahoe Airport) and used to control the spread of the fire. Since then, the city council now understands the value of its airport, and invested in it. The annual airshow at TVL is proof that the municipality and community now value its airport.” See a few pictures from the airshow below. Thanks Ed. [Read more...]