Flying the Flight Design CTLS

Flight Design CTLS


Two-place airplanes are often used as trainer aircraft because they are less expensive to rent than four-place designs. Yet once that private pilot ticket is in your hand, you may look for a larger airplane for cross-country flights because a two-place is just too cramped to be comfortable over long distances. But that won’t be a problem should you opt to fly the Flight Design CTLS.

Flight Design is the most successful of the LSAs, capturing 17.5% of the market with 295 flying in the U.S. as of last August, according to figures compiled by LSA guru Dan Johnson.

I had a chance to fly the CTLS at last year’s U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Fla., known as the nation’s premiere LSA event.

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Flying the Cirrus SR22 G3

SR22-G3 2

When trying to explain the ergonomic factors, safety and luxury of Cirrus airplanes to aviation novices, I usually describe them as what happens when you cross a Lexus automobile with a business jet.

That was before the Cirrus SR22 G3 came out.

I now have to describe the design as the pairing of a jet and a sports car — but not any sports car, one owned by James Bond.SR22-G3 2

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Flying the Boeing 40C

40C 2

By ADDISON PEMBERTON, For General Aviation News

What’s it like to fly a 1928 Boeing 40C?

Since restoring this vintage plane, I’ve flown it for more than 130 hours, including a trip from New York to San Francisco in September 2008.

40C 2

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Cessna 310R: More twin for the buck

C310R-GM (13)sm


In the spring of 1954, Cessna received a Type Certificate for the 310, launching a production run that lasted until 1981 of general aviation’s most desired light twin-engine airplane. The most famous was the 1958 310B used in the TV series “Sky King.”

Through the years, the 310 evolved to become a larger, more powerful, and better performing airplane, culminating with the final variant, the 310R, which debuted in 1975.

So why, with a used plane market that has tanked and fuel prices sure to increase, are we focusing on a legacy twin engine airplane?

C310R-GM (13)smThat’s because today’s down market means you can get more plane for less money.

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ECi introduces Titan EXP


ECi recently introduced a new cylinder head to the market, the Titan EXP Angle Valve cylinder for 360, 480 and 540 series engines with downdraft exhaust systems.

eciECi is providing the experimental market with a cylinder that features a venturi intake seat for better breathing and a choice of 14mm or 18mm spark plug bosses, company officials said. The cylinder is available in wide deck or narrow deck barrel patterns, as well as long reach or short reach spark plug bosses.

The new cylinder shares common features with its certified cousins, including high chrome content exhaust guides with Tru-Bore finish, enhanced port wall thickness and a calibrated intake port. The exclusive Nickel+Carbide bore coating for corrosion and wear resistance is a standard feature and Titan cylinders have an enhanced head/barrel joint for maximum durability.

For more information: 800-ECi-2FLY (800-324-2359), 210-820-8101 or

Flying the Adam A500

I freely admit it. From the time Burt Rutan, at the behest of George “Rick” Adam, designed and built the Carbon Aero M-309, which later evolved into the Adam A500, I always had an interest in flying the plane, particularly after seeing it featured in the recent movie “Miami Vice” where it aggressively pursued the bad guys.

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Symphony 160: The next generation trainer

You’ve always been interested in aviation, so you go to the local airport to shop for flying lessons. Your uncle, who learned to fly years ago, told you to train in a two-place, high-wing, tricycle gear aircraft. You have no idea what that means, but tell the first flight instructor you meet that you want to learn in one of these. He takes you on to the ramp and shows you a Cessna 152. The upholstery is cracked and the paint faded and scuffed in spots. Upon closer inspection you learn that this airplane was manufactured a few months before you were born. You ask, is there a more modern two-place high-wing trainer on the market?

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