New book advises would-be owners how to legally avoid sales and use tax

It doesn’t matter if you, “are a resident of Texas, took delivery in Kansas and registered it to a Delaware corporation,” says Aero & Marine Tax Professionals CEO Thomas Alston. “If your aircraft enters the the state of California any time in the first 12 months of your ownership, the state can assess a use tax on your airplane.” And that tax can add nearly 10% to the purchase price of your general aviation airplane.

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Book: Battle Flight

Battle FlightMilitary history is a popular topic for many. For those bent toward air defense and weapons, “Battle Flight – RAF Air Defence Projects and Weapons since 1945″ might be worth consideration. Written by Chris Gibson, Battle Flight examines Britian’s air defense infrastructure, including development of radar, guided weapons and airborne early warning systems. following World War II.

At 176 pages, the book includes 200 black and white as well as color photos and illustrations. The book costs $49.95 + $6.96 shipping and handling. Order online or by calling 800-895-4585.

Book: Topgun Days


TopgunDaysWith the movie Top Gun back in theaters, the timing of Dave “Bio” Baranek’s book titled, Topgun Days, is appropriate. The subtitle says it all… “Dogfighting, cheating death, and Hollywood glory as one of America’s Best Fighter Jocks.”

Baranek was a Top Gun instructor when he “was assigned to combine his day-to-day flight duties with participation in a Pentagon-blessed project to film action footage for a major Hollywood movie.” As you’d imagine, the book is full of story-after-story and some imagery to match. Topgun Days is available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

‘Top Secret Flight’ released

Picture 2

Now available is Dale W. Cox’s “Top Secret Flight,” an historical novel based on an actual highly classified mission that took place in March of 1942, three months after the infamous Pearl Harbor raid. The object was to obtain specific photos of Tokyo targets for the success of the planned April bombing of Japan.

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