Book: Fifty Classic Destinations

Fry canyon (Large)

To be honest, “Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots,” reads a bit like a guilty pleasure. I felt like I was reading author Ney Grant’s personal journal. I can’t describe Ney’s book better than he did in his letter to me, “What is so special about it ? It represents what we need more of in our industry… reasons to fly, places to dream of, real adventure.”

The book focuses on the Western U.S. with entries from Tuolumne River, Lake Pillsbury, Trinity Alps and Trinity Lake, Ensenada, Baja California and dozens more (See photos below)

Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots is $49.95 and is available at Net’s website, [Read more…]

Sporty’s posts gift guide

Sporty’s has posted a gift guide on its website to help the friends and family of pilots get the gifts that pilots really want.

“Non-pilots are in uncharted territory when it comes to selecting a gift for a pilot on their list,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “We’ve created our gift guide as the map to simplify gift buying on behalf of pilots.”

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Schweiss adds battery back-up Red Power pump


Schweiss Doors has added a battery back-up to its Red Power hydraulic pump. In case of a power failure, the battery back-up will power the door up or down at a controlled speed. All Red Power pumps comes standard with a drill-driven back-up system. The battery back-up can be retrofit to existing units. Contact Schweiss Doors (800-746-8273) for more information.


Book: Area 51 – The Graphic History

The dry lake bed of Groom Lake in Nevada is better knows as Area 51. The military installation didn’t “officially” exist until recently, but secrets are still coming to light… and will be for decades. For those looking to learn a bit more about the history of Area 51 and the myriad aircraft, technology and secrets, “Area 51: The Graphic History of America’s Most Secret Military Installation,” might be worth a read. [Read more…]