One size does not fit all

Imagine walking into a restaurant, sitting down, grabbing a menu, and finding only a single item listed there. One entree, that’s it. And let’s limit it to only one size of that entree. You don’t get to choose between the 6 ounce steak, the 9 ounce, or the 12 ounce. It’s the 12-ounce version or nothing.

What are the odds you’d go back there again?

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Happy New Year!

The Pulse of Aviation will not be published Jan. 1 as the General Aviation News offices are closed in observance of New Year’s Day. The Pulse will return to your email boxes on Jan. 2.

21-year-old commercial pilot got his start in CAP

Stephen Bloemsma, left, is pictured with his first student to solo, Civil Air Patrol Cadet 2nd Lt. Eli Boothe, who just completed a solo flight. “Going through the squadron’s first flight academy as a cadet and then being able to come back a few years later and teach it was quite the rewarding experience,” he said. Photo courtesy of Rhonda Augur

Stephen Bloesmsma’s 16th birthday was one he will never forget. While most teens his age are in hot pursuit of a driver’s license as a top priority that day, Bloesmsma had higher aspiration — his first solo flight.

“I remember after my first takeoff thinking to myself, ‘Well, I’m committed to landing the airplane now. There is no turning back at this point,’” he recalled. “I also remember my confidence growing after every landing, and having a big smile on my face during the last one.”

Now, at just 21, Bloesmsma, is one of the nation’s youngest commercially licensed pilots. He credits Civil Air Patrol with skyrocketing his aviation career’s rapid success.

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Do you know an up and coming GA star?

For our last print issue of the year, we’re going to focus on the next generation of GA’s leaders, from CFIs to flight planning entrepreneurs to those who are sharing their passion for aviation in any number of ways. Do you know someone who fits this description? Let us know who they are, what they are doing and why you think they fit the bill.

It’s no secret that aviation is filled with “old” pilots. But, there are a good number of “young” folks making their mark. For example: Chelsea Welch, 30, is a CFI and pilot’s watch marketer; Andy Matthews, 33, is the co-founder of iFlightPlanner and a professional golfer and pilot; Chuck Wiplinger, 33, is third generation leader of Minnesota-based Wipaire, the float manufacturer. There are many others under 40 in our industry.

Help us locate these up-and-coming instructors, manufacturers, marketers, pilots, etc … We’ll turn the spotlight on the Next Generation in the Dec. 20 issue of General Aviation News.

You can send your suggestions to or put them in the comments below.

NTSB questions FAA’s action on ECi cylinders

The NTSB has told the FAA it does “not understand the foreseeable safety benefit of the FAA’s proposed action” regarding specific parts of the agency’s NPRM on ECi cylinder assemblies. In its four-page submission, the NTSB cites prior ADs and Mandatory Service Bulletins and suggests that the FAA exclude from the NPRM certain cylinder assemblies (identified by serial number) or take action other than that prescribed by the NPRM, according to an AVweb report, which notes: “In fact, the NTSB directly states that the FAA’s proposed rule ‘would affect many more cylinder assemblies than the NTSB included in our recommendation letter.’”

Frosting for Flight winners named

The Oshkosh Women in Aviation Chapter has named the top three winners for its Frosting for Flight cupcake competition. First place went to “Team Sweet Treats,” Laura Redeker and Tiffany Schmidt. Their Feed the Animals/Zookeeper theme and Double Chocolate Panda Bear cupcakes with cream cheese frosting were a hit with the judges and the attendees. They also won the crowd favorite judging.

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