Attempt at low pass ends fatally for three

Aircraft: Piper Malibu. Injuries: 3 Fatal.Location: Monroe, Mich. Aircraft damage: Destroyed.

What reportedly happened: The pilot, 58, had a private pilot certificate and an instrument rating. At the time of his last medical certificate application, he reported a total flight time of 1,600 hours. He had no FAA record of previous incidents, accidents, or enforcement actions.

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Cultivating kids

Our next print issue is all about growing the next generation of aviators — Cultivating Kids. We’ve got a lot of great stories in the works, but we wanted to go to the experts — our readers — to get their thoughts on what can be done to inspire youngsters to get involved in aviation. Tell us  your thoughts on what can be done, what’s happening at your airport or what you’d like to see happening. If you’ve got photos, send those along as well.

Aviation artist Sam Lyons’ work now at Banyan Pilot Shop


LAKELAND, Fla. – You never know how a relationship can start. That holds true for matters of the heart as well as for art. The president of Banyan Air Services, Don Campion, was attending the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in January when he spotted the Lyons Studio display. A dramatic print on canvas called “Tuskegee Ace” caught his eye and drew him into the booth.

Campion was interested in selling Sam’s work in the Banyan Air Pilot Shop that’s at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Business cards were exchanged, a visit was arranged, and now Lyons’ art is prominently displayed in the Pilot Shop.

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LiveAirShowTV partners with EAA on new educational effort

Careers Logo

LiveAirShowTV, in conjunction with the International Society of Transport Aircraft Traders (ISTAT) Foundation and the Experimental Aircraft Association, is about to begin a new educational initiative called Careers in Aviation.

“Careers” is a series of fast-moving videos featuring young professionals currently working in various jobs of the aviation industry. The series is one of the steps in a program to promote awareness of aviation career opportunities to middle and high school students, according to officials.

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