Direct To: How’d you get your start in aviation?

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It is easy to get caught up in the minutiae and challenges of aviation. But we need to remember the WHY we fly. So, the Boldmethod crew asked their readers to leave a voice mail with the answer to two simple questions, “How’d you get your start in aviation?” and “What was your most memorable flight with your Dad or Mom?” Those messages turned into the latest Direct To podcast from Boldmethod. Take 24 minutes… enjoy the stories, and then take a walk through your own memories. [Read more…]

Frugal pilots vs. aircraft mechanics

My last column on aircraft maintenance that can be performed by aircraft owners in Canada, but not the U.S., stirred up a lively discussion online.

Reader Greg Wilson summarized it best, noting that the owner of a U.S. standard category aircraft can maintain the aircraft, refurbish or overhaul all or part of the plane, install certified parts, install or replace many instruments or avionics, modify the aircraft (within limits), and even rebuild an aircraft out of service — as long as it is under the supervision and signed off by an FAA-licensed A&P/IA mechanic.

“Finding a mechanic to work with you may take time, especially if you want to do a lot of changes,” he wrote. “Give the mechanic time to trust your abilities and you will be amazed at what an owner can do.” [Read more…]

Harvard University studying pilot health

Researchers at Harvard University are conducting an anonymous pilot health study.

The study, open to current and retired airline, will be used to research the environmental effects of the cockpit environment, including fatigue, air quality, radiation, noise, and more. To date, the study has pilots from over 23 countries participating.

You can participate by going to