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    Calling all frugal pilots: What are your secrets?

    Also attached is a photo of my plane, "Goofy," taking off from the Willits Municipal Airport ( which I manage. It's the most fun you can have without a prescription! ;-)

    Frugal pilots aren’t cheap or unsafe. Their buying and flying decisions are based on getting the greatest value for each aviation dollar spent, not on squeezing every dollar until Washington yelps.

    Frugal pilots aren’t poor. They may or may not be financially rich, but they do know the significance of money and that a dollar saved wisely can be a dollar spent on more avgas or iPhones or retirement.

    Frugal pilots aren’t alone. There are many thousands of us who fly comfortably within a budget for a variety of good reasons: To go somewhere, to go nowhere, to see the world from above, to discover ourselves, to share recreation, to overcome fears, and/or to build an aviation career.

    At my airport, I hear many stories from grinning pilots who started out mowing lawns, washing airplanes, or taking on a second job to afford flying lessons. Over the years, these veteran pilots have logged thousands of hours in their owned or co-owned aircraft by being frugal — and safe.

    What are their secrets?

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    Aviation hazards seminar slated

    An aviation hazards seminar for general aviation pilots and aviation weather enthusiasts will be held in Wichita Jan. 23.

    Co-sponsors are the National Weather Service office in Wichita, the Kansas Army National Guard, and EagleMed critical care air medical transport company. The seminar on Convective Weather Effects (thunderstorms and their hazards) will be held from 9 am to 4 pm at the Heartland Preparedness Center, 2808 N. New York St.

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