Lure them with pancakes, hook them with adventure

The Sonex Waiex in flight.

EAA Chapter 1067 is based in Naples, Florida. There are worse places to be in February, I can tell you. But there are few better.

What attracted me is what attracts so many to the back corner of the T-hangars at Naples, directly across from the shade hangars, right along the fence line where EAA 1067 resides. It was pancakes. Well, not just pancakes. The chapter’s monthly pancake breakfast is actually made up of pancakes and sausage with a biscuit, coffee, juice, and some of the best company you could ever hope to share.

I certainly had a good time. Good enough that I’m inclined to go back. [Read more…]

ASTM developing standards for training aviation employees


ASTM International, one of the largest standards development organizations in the world, is forming a group to develop standards for training workers in the aerospace industry. ASTM Committee F46 on Aerospace Personnel will be led by manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and other key stakeholders.

“We are bringing everyone together to help ensure a strong pipeline of workers who can keep up with the fast pace of technological change in this dynamic industry,” says James A. Thomas, president of ASTM International. [Read more…]

The top five skills a pilot must learn

Blogger Tori Williams at makes the case that there’s five essential skills a pilot must learn (besides all that airplane stuff): Good Study Habits; A Willingness to Make Mistakes; Quick Decision Making; Punctuality; and A Sense of Adventure. Check it out here, then comment below if you agree or are there are other skills essential to being a safe pilot she didn’t mention?

Video: Red Flag Arrivals


“Red Flag is a realistic combat training exercise involving the air, space, and cyber forces of the United States and its allies.” Airailimages happened to be on the approach end of Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas and filmed the arrival sequence of some of participants. [Read more…]