RV balloons on landing

The pilot, accompanied by a passenger, was attempting to land the RV-7A at an airport in Altoona, Pa. He maintained 80 mph on final approach and slowed to 70 mph at touchdown.

Upon touchdown on the main landing gear, a wind gust occurred, and the airplane ballooned, then came down hard on the nose landing gear, which collapsed. [Read more…]

Q&A: So you fly RCs

Doug's 737-800 shots were at KSEA during Alaska Airlines' 2015 Aviation Day.

Radio-controlled (RC) flying is a popular hobby for full-scale pilots and non-pilots alike. For those full-scale pilots who haven’t had the pleasure of flying an RC, I thought I’d share a recent conversation with Seattle-area full-scale and RC pilot Doug Wilson. [Read more…]

Congressman unveils plan to separate ATC from FAA


The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has announced that he is working to separate air traffic control (ATC) functions from the FAA as part of the ongoing FAA reauthorization process.

In his June 15 remarks before the Aero Club of Washington, Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania), proposed creating a not-for-profit, federally chartered corporation to operate and modernize ATC. [Read more…]