Runway soft spot catches RV-8

The pilot of the RV-8 called the destination airport in Cortland, Ohio, to check on the condition of the turf runway. No concerns were noted.

The pilot said that the flight and touch down were normal but, during the landing roll, the airplane encountered a soft spot in the runway and nosed over, coming to rest inverted. [Read more…]

1929’s record-setting endurance flights

The Curtiss-Robertson St. Louis Robin being refueled during its flight to a new
world’s endurance record of 420 hours greatly surpassing the
record of 150 hours set by the Army’s Question Mark at the beginning of the year.
Aircraft Yearbook for 1930

The 1920s saw many records set for altitude, speed, endurance and range, but they were destined to be only fleeting. The records fell quickly due to the development of better aircraft and engines.

January 1929 began the year with an achievement that many thought would never be exceeded anytime in the near future — the epic six day flight of the Question Mark.

The Question Mark was a modified Fokker transport aircraft that was flown to a refueled endurance record by US Army aviators. The flight established new world records for sustained flight, refueled flight, and distance. [Read more…]