When thumb twiddling makes sense

As anti-intuitive as it may seem, there are times when sitting back and twiddling your thumbs is the best course of action. At least for a little while. That’s certainly true when working to affect change at an airport.

Government works slowly much of the time. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In many cases it is beneficial to have a slow, plodding system in place. Especially when that system is working against the best interest of the public. On the other hand, when you are working hard to make legitimate progress on an issue, it can be frustrating to interact with that massive machine we call government. Nothing happens fast. Nothing good, in any case.

Whether you are lobbying your state legislator for the reversal of a rule as onerous as California’s astoundingly myopic Assembly Bill 48, which virtually assures the sudden unemployment of many flight instructors across the state; or you are merely attempting to negotiate a more equitable hangar rate with your local airport manager – there are times when your best course of action is to sit back and wait for a bit.

Like the rest of us, government officials don’t like to be pushed. While a certain amount of pressure is desirable in order to make your perspective understood, too much pressure can cause an entirely different outcome – solid resistance. [Read more…]