Air Journeys founder donates Baron to Bahamas Habitat

Thierry Pouille, president of Air Journey in Jupiter, Fla., has donated a Beechcraft Baron E55 to Bahamas Habitat for use in its mission work.

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Around the world with Air Journey


It is the dream of many pilots to fly around the world. But the task of planning such a trip is overwhelming, even for the most seasoned aviator.

Just the thought of dealing with landing permits, customs and immigration, and navigating across the oceans can make a pilot hesitate in deciding to make this epic journey — then add in making hotel arrangements, dealing with possible medical emergencies, and all the other things that can happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could leave all the details to someone else so all you had to do is concentrate on flying your own airplane?

You can, thanks to Air Journey, a company founded more than 10 years ago by Thierry Pouille (tee-airy poo-ee), who settled in Jupiter, Florida, after moving to the U.S. from France.

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Air Journey launches tours to Cuba

Flying adventure specialist Air Journey is adding Cuba to its list of destinations.

The company is now accepting registrations to take a limited number of GA pilots, flying their own airplanes, to Havana.

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