Protect your plane with Aerospoiler

AEROSPOILER Now available at Aircraft Spruce it the AeroSpoiler, a lift reduction device used for storm protection on aircraft parked outside during adverse weather conditions.

The AeroSpoiler kit contains 10 cup/receiver assemblies and eight blade assemblies. Each kit contains 20 feet of wing coverage. The AeroSpoiler will reduce the lift-producing capability of your wing by as much as 96% on the area covered by the Spoiler.

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Extend the life of your lights

LIGHTSAVER (aircraft spruce) The Lightsaver, which is now available at Aircraft Spruce, extends landing and taxi light life by allowing the filament to draw the rated current even at turn on with no change in typical light output performance.

The filament life increases up to 10 times due to reducing the stress induced by inrush current, according to company officials.

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TCP Fuel Treatment now at Aircraft Spruce

ALCOR_TCP Get the lead out with Alcor’s TCP Fuel Treatment, which is now available for purchase from Aircraft Spruce.

When added to the fuel tank of the aircraft, TCP acts as a lead scavenger, reducing spark plug fouling and other harmful effects of 100LL, according to company officials, who add TCP has been found to be especially effective in low compression engines.

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Aircraft Spruce acquires SkySports

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. has acquired SkySports International.

Located in Linden, Mich., SkySports was founded in 1979 by Marshall MacFarlane. It produces its own line of single and dual fuel systems and fuel probes, and also carries a complete line of products such as instruments, radios, GPS, strobes, Comtronics helmet/intercom systems, winter instruments, and hardware for the ultralight market.

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Blockalls now available

Blockalls training glasses were designed by pilots to resolve problems with existing view limiting devices.

Weighing in at less than ounce, Blockalls are engineered to easily penetrate the seal of a headset, eliminating the hassle of having to remove it first.

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AircraftLogs partners with Aircraft Spruce

AircraftLogs has partnered with Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. to market its aircraft management packages and online pilot logbooks.

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Aircraft Spruce adds fuel computer to line-up

Experimental aircraft owners can now increase the information available to them with a Flight Data Systems AFP-30, according to officials at Aircraft Spruce, which is now selling the three-in-one computer that provides performance information, fuel projections and outside air data.

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Test prep software at Aircraft Spruce

Powerful Learning software is now available at Aircraft Spruce.

The software has all of the tools you will need for your private pilot flight test and FAA knowledge test (airplane only). according to Aircraft Spruce officials.

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