Mahindra debuts Airvan 8 on floats at Oshkosh

Mahindra Aerospace recently added Wipline 3450 amphibious floats to its Airvan 8 aircraft.

Wipaire Inc. has begun feasibility testing on the aircraft with floats, and upon a successful outcome, a certification program will be launched later in 2014.

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Wipaire completes installation of floats on Airvan 8

OSHKOSH — Wipaire reports it has completed installation of Wipline 3450 amphibious floats on a Mahindra Airvan 8 and has begun conducting preliminary flights to test the feasibility of the aircraft on floats. Pending successful outcome of the feasibility tests, a certification program will launch later this year.

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New names for Airvans

Mahindra Aerospace has rebranded its GA8 Airvan and GA10 utility aircraft as the Airvan 8 and Airvan 10.

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Soloy tapped for AirVan assembly in North America

Soloy Aviation Solutions has been tapped to provide assembly, and technical support for GippsAERO’s Airvan for all North American orders.

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Extended warranty for Airvan

GippsAero has extended its warranty on the GA8 Airvan to five years or 2,000 hours for all new aircraft.

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Muncie Aviation tapped as Airvan dealer

GippsAERO, the Australian based manufacturer of the GA8 Airvan utility aircraft, has appointed Muncie Aviation as its authorized dealer for the midwestern United States.

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GippsAero teams with MT-Propeller

GippsAERO, manufacturer of the GA8 Airvan, has teamed with MT-Propeller to provide a low noise solution.

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Flying the G8 Airvan


A casual glance at a map of Australia shows that virtually all of the population centers are concentrated along the coast, mostly in the south and southeast. So what’s in the interior? Thousands of square miles of desert, sparsely settled by cattle ranchers and miners, people in need of supplies and medical care.

Recognizing a need for air support, GippsAero developed and certified the G8 Airvan a few years ago. It also produces the GA200C agricultural aircraft and is reviving the Nomad twin turboprop as an 18-place commuter. The company’s plans were accelerated in 2009 when it was acquired by the Mahindra Group, an India-based company involved in everything from construction to finance and insurance. [Read more...]