Flying the Allegro


LSA America builds the Czech-designed Allegro in America as one of the first companies (but not the last, I suspect) to cross the Atlantic. Ironically, this results in an aircraft less expensive than other LSAs that come from Eastern European countries where we once thought low wages and high aviation skills would upset U.S. airplane manufacturing. Funny how life works out, and in only six or seven years.

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More than a plane


Roger Starr’s Fairchild is the reason he gets up in the morning

There are some airplanes that you don’t acquire and fly — you have a relationship with them. That’s how Roger Starr of Canby, Oregon, describes his “ownership” of his 1946 Fairchild 24W-46.

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A trip to pick up a new plane results in a true GA experience

L-R , myself, Marge Hansen, Sheryl Slack (daughter), Ken Hansen, and Kristi Meek (daughter). Sadly, Ken Hansen passed away in October after a brief battle with cancer.  He and his family founded the FBO, Rite Bros. Aviation, in Port Angeles.  It was where I learned to fly 20 years ago.  He will be missed.


This past January, I purchased a 1941 Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser from a friend in Port Angeles, Wash. I thought that flying the airplane home to Lenhardt’s AirHaven in Oregon would be an easy task. After all, it’s only a couple hundred miles away and, even though the Pacific Northwest is not known for its hospitable winter VFR weather, I knew it was doable with patience and flexibility. In the end, however, bringing the J-5 back to Hubbard, Ore., proved to be more than just a trip to pick up an airplane.

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