Top 10 aviation insurance myths, Alaska edition

Avemco President JJ Greenway with his Bellanca Decathalon

Avemco Insurance Co. President Jonathan “JJ” Greenway was a featured speaker at the 2012 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, May 5-6, at the Anchorage International Airport. Greenway spoke about separating fact from fiction in his seminar “Top 10 Aviation Insurance Myths.”

“You know it’s possible to have too little aviation insurance, but can you have too much? Is it true your insurance company will refuse to pay a claim if you violate a FAR? Of course you’re covered if you’re a named pilot on a friend’s policy . . . or are you? Those are the kind of questions most pilots think they know the answers to but may be surprised by some of the facts about aviation insurance coverages, especially when flying in the conditions faced by Alaskan aviators,” said Greenway.

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New flight instructor insurance program launched

The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and Avemco Insurance Co. kicked off the New Year by launching a new non-owned insurance program for flight instructors. The new NAFI CFI Insurance Program features expanded professional liability coverage and liability limit options for type-specific aircraft, including traditional single and multiengine aircraft, along with offerings for seaplane, experimental and light sport airplanes. Automatically included is non-owned coverage for personal flying.

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Avemco lowers rates on LSAs

Avemco Insurance Co. has recognized another 13 Special-Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) to offer its most favorable rates.

Avemco has insured LSAs since they were first introduced four years ago. At the time all LSAs were rated the same.

“In the beginning, the results weren’t particularly good,” said Jim Lauerman. “But we got into the business, we learned the business – we took our hits – and made some adjustments.”

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