Lawsuit on GA emissions dismissed

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia court has dismissed a lawsuit by environmentalist  group Friends of the Earth pushing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to decide whether lead emissions from general aviation aircraft  endanger public health and welfare. The court said the issue is not one that it can take up under a provision of the Clean Air Act allowing “citizen suits.”

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More good shale oil news

Despite the recent rise in prices for aviation fuel and what we consumers pay at the gas station, news contained in this recent RIGZONE article paints a sunny picture for increased U.S. reserves and ultimately lower prices.

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We’ve hit the wall

Exactly as your bloggers have predicted the past several years, according to industry experts, we’ve finally hit the ethanol blending wall — even if every drop of gasoline produced in the U.S. contained 10% ethanol, the federally-mandated blending quotas cannot be met.  As the energy industry’s leading news service Platts reported this past week:

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Free app for jet fuel shopping released

Fuel Bidder has launched its jet fuel marketplace application., free for aircraft owners,  harnesses the power of open competition to deliver the lowest possible jet fuel price at virtually any airport in the world.

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U-Fuel receives patent for Box fuel station

U-Fuel has received a US patent on the third generation of Aboveground Fuel Stations. The Box Station is currently being installed in the United States, China, Vietnam and other parts of the world.

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Pilot saves $1,500 annually with mogas

Last June, Cessna 150 owner Mark “Prigs” Priglmeier, president of EAA Chapter 551 in St. Cloud, Minn., estimated that he’d save around $800 annually using mogas. He just sent us the following description of the actual savings from 2012, which were nearly twice his original estimate:

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SBO adds mogas

Pilots in east-central Georgia have reason to fly more in 2013 since the East Georgia Regional Airport (SBO) in Swainsboro added mogas recently.

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A reality check on the future of 100LL

The future of avgas has been a hot topic for almost 20 years. I recently reviewed some of my past columns and found that I was not too far off in some of my past predictions, but I thought I would try to update them with a touch of reality.

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Florida ethanol repeal bill moves forward

From GAfuels reader Drew Hatch of Ft. Walton Beach we learned that HB4001, a bill sponsored by Florida State Representative Matt Gaetz to repeal the state’s ethanol mandates, is moving towards a full debate.

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Consequences and public funding

While reading “Inclined to Liberty” by Louis E. Carabini, it struck me that chapter 29, The Hazard of Equalizing Consequences, describes what one often sees at publicly-funded general aviation airports in my home state of North Carolina.

Taj Mahal-like, LEED-certififed terminals bristling with solar panels at rural airstrips where more coyotes walk the ramp than pilots. [Read more...]