Airpro signs on as Husky dealer


airproAviat Aircraft has signed a dealership agreement with Steve Landers of Airpro, who will be responsible for sales in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Airpro, which was founded in October 2006, is located at Saline County Airport in Bryant, Ark.

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FAA approves new tailwheel for Husky


huskytailwheel1Alaska Bushwheel has just completed the FAA’s approval process for utilizing a new tailwheel assembly on Aviat Aircraft’s Husky A-1C.

The new tailwheel features a three leaf steel tail spring that weighs 2.5 pounds less than the old five leaf model and is approved for the Husky’s 2,200 pound gross weight.

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Husky fitted with P.K. floats

Husky with PK Floats2 P.K. Floats has completed the certification process for a new amphibious float design that can be used on all Husky 180-hp and 200-hp aircraft.

The aluminum floats weigh 409 pounds, but only add 295 pounds after the landing gear is removed, according to Aviat officials. The PK2250A floats do not require a ventral fin, saving owners $3,600 and re-installation every season.

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