Pilot ground loops Cessna 175

The private pilot was landing the tailwheel-equipped Cessna 175 on a paved runway in Willimantic, Conn.

During the landing roll, a ground witness heard a “shimmy” when the tailwheel made contact with the paved surface. The plane departed the right side of the runway into grass, where it ground-looped. [Read more…]

Stall proves fatal

The fatal flight was an instructional flight in Flushing, Mich., with a student pilot and a flight instructor onboard.

Video evidence from a ground-based source indicated that the Taylorcraft BC12-65 was in a nose-high left turn at a moderate bank angle. [Read more…]

Low pass results in crash

According to the passenger, the pilot of the Super Cub was making a second low pass over friends just before the accident in Sterling, Alaska. Witnesses reported seeing the airplane flying very slowly, about 300 feet above the ground, with the engine at a low power setting. [Read more…]

Night approach goes bad

The pilot, flying a Grumman Tiger, was attempting to land at the airport in Ankeny, Iowa, in night VFR conditions. He listened to the AWOS and learned the wind was from 220° at 10 knots, gusting to 26 knots. The first attempt to land resulted in a bounce, so he did a go-around. [Read more…]