What a gift it is to fly. To fly and write is an even greater gift. For those of us who find our home in the sky, we have been graced with fellow aviators who have taken the time to put pen to paper to deliver us, through words, back to our place of belonging.

In the pages of their books these “skywriters” will take you along in the cockpit with the crew of a stricken airliner en route from Honolulu to San Francisco in Ernest K. Gann’s “The High and The Mighty” [Read more…]

WASP honored in new novel


In 2010 Congress awarded the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) of World War II with the Congressional Gold Medal. KJ Tillinghast combined this recent event and his parents’ activity in the war to write a new aviation-themed novel “Kittyhawks.”

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