Ask Paul: Upgrading to a wide deck engine

Q: I read your article from the Oct .7, 2009, issue of General Aviation News on Wide Deck vs. Narrow Deck Lycomings with great interest. I am trying to figure out one detail that I think your article answers, but I just want to make sure.

I have a 1960 PA-22 Tripacer that originally came with a 150-hp O-320-A2B ND engine. It is ready for a major overhaul, and my IA recommends that I upgrade to a WD O-320-B2B engine.

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Ameritech to sell ECi’s line of experimental engines

Engine Components International (ECI) of San Antonio, Texas, and Ameritech Industries, the parent company of Eagle Engines and American Propeller Service of Redding, Calif., have entered into a dealer sales agreement for the California company to sell the TITAN EXP experimental series factory assembled new engines.

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Ask Paul: What is the correct timing for my engine?

Q: I have a Lycoming IO-360-A1A on a Mooney E model. My mechanic tells me that there are two timing settings for this engine: 20° and 25° BTC. The engine had been set at 20° BTC and he reset it at 25° BTC. What are the advantages or disadvantages of this timing change? The engine is running slightly warmer and appears to be a bit louder in the cockpit.

DAVID WALKER, via email

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Ask Paul: What causes this popping sound?

Q: I am test flying my new RV-9. It has a new Superior O-320, dual p-mags and an MTV11 2-blade MT prop. When it has been running at cruise power for a few minutes or more (say 2,300 rpm x 23 inches or more) and then I reduce the throttle, I get a popping/crackling sound from the engine. If I reduce the rmp before pulling the throttle, it doesn’t seem to do it so much. This typically happens when joining downwind to land, but other times too if I pull the throttle.

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AD issued on Lycoming carburetors

The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive (AD) on carburetors installed on many Lycoming engines. According to a report at, the AD targets only 409 carburetors, but 10,700 engines must be inspected to determine if they have one of the defective carbs. Effective date for the AD is March 27, 2012.

Blackhawk acquires STCs for King Air 90 engine upgrades

Blackhawk has acquired Silverhawk Conversions’ Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for the King Air C90/A series and E90 engine upgrades. The STCs allow replacement of legacy engines in C90, C90A, and E90 aircraft with new PT6A-135A engines or used PT6A-135 engines.

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