Help influence future recreational aviation… today

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) has released “proposed planning directives for public review and comment. These directives are the key set of agency guidance documents that direct implementation of the 2012 planning rule.” This rule will replace the previous one written in the 1980s and will be the planning “bible” for the next 20-25 years. Sadly, the directives do not include any reference to recreational aviation or airstrips; therefore, the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) need your help to correct these critical omissions in the proposed Directives.

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Do you love backcountry flying?

Our Feb. 22 print issue will feature a special focus on Backcountry Flying and while we have a lot of great stories lined up (with a lot of help from the Recreational Aviation Foundation), we wanted to tap into the experiences and knowledge of our readers. We’re looking for your stories — Why do you enjoy backcountry flying? What are some of your favorite places to fly? What do you bring on every backcountry trip? How do you make flights more enjoyable and, of course, safer? Can you share any tips you’ve picked up along the way for new pilots who are ready to venture off the beaten path?

We’d also love to showcase photos from your many backcountry adventures. You can send photos and comments to or, if you prefer, add your comments below.