KODIAK: The ultimate backcountry machine



Rain battered the windshield of the KODIAK as it landed in the Indonesian city of Sentani. Medical personnel rushed the passenger — a 6-year old boy named Mika — into a waiting ambulance, which sped off to the local hospital.

Earlier that day, Mika had been climbing a tree in his village of Mokndoma, a small hamlet deep in the jungle highlands of Papua, Indonesia. His foot slipped and he fell, impaling himself on a branch. After local missionaries were unable to assist Mika, they radioed Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in hopes that the boy could be taken to the hospital in Sentani.

A short while later, a MAF KODIAK landed in Mokndoma on the unimproved airstrip, covering in a mere 15 minutes what would have been a days-long journey by foot through rugged mountains. After Mika was aboard, the powerful airplane leapt from the airstrip and quickly travelled the distance back to Sentani. [Read more…]

Calling all backcountry pilots

It’s time again for our special focus on backcountry flying in the print issues of General Aviation News. We’re reaching out to backcountry pilots with a call for memories of your most memorable or notable backcountry flight. What makes it so noteworthy? Where was it? Who was with you?

If you are a backcountry pilot, do you have any advice for readers who haven’t yet ventured off the airport? What’s the important lesson you’ve learned from your adventures? Where is a great place for a novice backcountry pilot to begin? What do you wish you had known before beginning your backcountry flying?

Add your comments below or send them to janice@generalaviationnews.com. Also, send your photos from your backcountry adventures and you may see them published in the July 20 issue.



Video: 170s in the Wrangells

Cessna 170s in the Wrangells

Prepare to be jealous. Very jealous. BackcountryPilot.org founder Zane Jacobson enjoyed a multi-day trip into the wilds of the Wrangell Mountains in Alaska. What’d he get all of us? A video. A very beautiful video (and story). [Read more…]