Barefoot Bandit compares himself to Wright brothers

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that in a series of emails sent from jail, the “Barefoot Bandit,” Colton Harris-Moore, compares his flying prowess to Wilbur and Orville Wright: “The things I have done as far as flying and airplanes goes, is amazing. Nobody on this planet [could] have done what I have, except for the Wright brothers,” Harris-Moore said in a private email, monitored by authorities, last August from the federal detention center in Seattle. “I am confident that anyone else would have died — you can’t just jump in an airplane and fly at night or through weather, you HAVE to be instrument-rated, but I wasn’t and actually taught myself how to fly instrument, which is inconceivable to most pilots and ALL instructors.” Read more here.

Barefoot Bandit gets more than seven years jail time

The 20-year-old “Barefoot Bandit” was sentenced Friday to more than seven years in prison after pleading guilty to dozens of charges, according to a Fox News report. Colton Harris-Moore gained international notoriety while evading police across America in stolen planes, boats and cars during a two-year crime spree. What captured the general aviation community’s interest is that it was said Harris-Moore taught himself to fly.