Hackers defeat BARR

AVweb is reporting that a private pilot has developed software called OpenBARR to reveal information in the Block Aircraft Registration Request program, something general aviation advocates fought stridently against last year. AVweb’s editor notes that Dustin Hoffman (the researcher, not the actor), who developed the system with Semon Rezchikov, is a private pilot who thinks it’s none of anyone’s business where consenting adults fly their aircraft but he’s also not adverse to making some money by selling that information to others, like, for instance, celebrity gossip channels and sites.

FAA on schedule to process December BARR requests

After the FAA restored full access to the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program, many general aviation pilots contacted the agency to enroll in the program, according to officials with the National Business Aviation Association, who report the FAA is on track to transmit an updated list of aircraft blocked at the “ASDI vendor level” to flight tracking vendors by today, Jan. 10. The list of aircraft blocked at the “FAA level” will also be updated. Blocking requests received by Dec. 15 should be included in the revised lists. Want to know how to enroll in the BARR program? Click here.