First flight: Belite Sealite

Belite’s James Wiebe recently flew the Belite Sealite amphibious ultralight off the water for the first time.

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Belite inks Canadian distribution agreeement

Belite Aircraft reports that Melody Aircraft, of Alberta, Canada, will exclusively distribute Belite’s aircraft and kits throughout Canada.

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Belite introduces Angle of Attack sensor at Oshkosh

At this year’s AirVenture, Belite Aircraft introduced its improved Angle of Attack sensor and display gauge.

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Belite debuts lightweight pitot tube at AirVenture

OSHKOSH  — At this week’s AirVentureBelite Aircraft introduced an aerodynamic non-heated pitot tube designed for experimental, light sport (with manufacturer approval) and ultralight aircraft applications.

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First Belite unveiled

Wichita-based Belite Aircraft unveiled its prototype airplane June 30, in a unique venue – Wichita’s Old Town Warren Plaza. The Belite, which will be built in Wichita, will be offered in both kit form and as a completed, flyable airplane.

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