Connecting pilots to promote GA

By JEFF SIMON, Guest Editorial

As hobbies go, flying has become a fairly solitary experience, at least in the air. The vast majority of general aviation flights are with a single occupant — the pilot. Added to that is the fact that flight hours have been in a steady decline for years, so we’re flying less and often doing it alone.

That’s a shame, because we certainly enjoy each other’s company. Some of my best flying memories are of meeting (or making) friends at fly-ins, pancake breakfasts, seminars, and other gatherings.

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Warbird calendar now available


Historic Flight Foundation, in concert with several Cascade Warbirds photographers, has published a 2012 calendar featuring warbirds. The calendar (pictured below) is offered for $20, with 25% of the proceeds donated to the Cascade Warbirds Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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