Historic airport continues to thrive

Souther Field

History is an important part of most airports. You often find plaques telling of notable events at the airport. If Souther Field/Jimmy Carter Regional Airport (ACJ) in Americus, Georgia, was to create such a plaque, it would need a surface the size of the Green Monster, the high left field wall at Fenway Park in Boston.

“A lot has happened at Souther Field since it was created out of a peach tree orchard in 1918,” said Mike Cochran, the field historian.

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Recreating Lindbergh’s flight — in an electric plane

Electric vehicle pioneer Chip Yates is making plans for an all-electric recreation of Charles Lindbergh’s famous trans-Atlantic flight in 1927. According to a report at Wired.com, Yates is betting that, like Lindbergh’s, his airplane will fly non-stop to Paris. He plans on flying at least as fast as Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, and for added challenge and recreation authenticity, he’ll fly relatively low to avoid getting an extra push from the jet stream.