A sweet deal

Psst. Hey buddy…you wanna buy a new Cirrus? I’ll make you a sweet deal…

Jamail Larkins and his team at Ascension Air are anything but shady characters, but they will make you a sweet deal on a 2012 Cirrus SR22T GTS. How does $9,440 down and $2,043.18 a month grab you?

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Six hours in a Cirrus

I’d like to think I pondered the offer of a ride in a new Cirrus to Idaho Falls and back to Seattle for more than a few seconds, but in reality, I don’t think Cirrus Aircraft Sales Rep Ivy McIver actually finished her offer before I replied… “YES!”

Ivy grinned and said, “My Mom is flying in from Florida and will be coming as well, so as long as you don’t mind flying with my Mom, we are good to go.” “Are you kidding? I have a Mom…I love Moms.”

And with that I just weaseled my way out of a 12-plus hour car ride, and into a 2012 Cirrus SR22T, for my trip to the Trade Show Aviation Idaho.

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Cirrus: The sum of its parts

The Cirrus SR22T is a wonderful airplane to fly. The G1000-based Cirrus Perspective puts decision-making information at the pilot’s fingertips. Separately, each part (airframe and avionics) is unquestionably state of the art. Together, they blow the doors off the envelope.

But what about safety? There is much argument about whether the “Cirrus pilot” is a safe pilot. Does the technology lead a pilot to take chances he wouldn’t otherwise?

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Fuel-saving throttle control for Cirrus introduced

Tamarack Aerospace has received FAA STC approval and a PMA for its new throttle quadrant upgrade for the Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22. The installation separates the single Cirrus “power lever” into two levers: One for throttle and the other to control propeller pitch. [Read more...]

Cirrus ‘full speed ahead’ on jet

On opening day of Aero, the giant general aviation show in Germany, Cirrus Aircraft revealed that its Cirrus Vision SF50 personal jet program has been fully funded through certification and initial production by the company’s new owner, China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co Ltd (CAIGA).

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Ascension Air to offer Cirrus SR22Ts

Ascension Air is offering three new fully equipped 2012 Cirrus Aircraft SR22Ts to general aviation pilots through its fractional ownership program.

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Cirrus debuts five seating capacity

Cirrus Aircraft has introduced expanded seating capacity in its SR20, SR22 and SR22T general aviation aircraft models, available for 2012.

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Grand Forks Herald: Cirrus lays of 32 in Grand Forks

A story posted at the Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald reports that Cirrus is laying off 32 employee from its Grand Forks plant, and another 26 at its Duluth headquarters. From the story:

“We had been staffed to a level higher than current demand and (Wednesday’s) changes are not a reflection of reduced demand,” Todd Simmons, Cirrus’ vice president of marketing said. “It’s a reflection of getting late in the year and knowing that we are building airplanes for the new year, and the first quarter is a time of weaker deliveries and demand.”

Cirrus appoints Dauplaise vp-domestic sales

Cirrus Aircraft has appointed Jon Dauplaise vice president of domestic sales.

He will be responcirrussible for the Cirrus Aircraft North American direct sales team and the expansion of Cirrus sales in the United States and Canada.

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Cirrus chooses Garmin for jet

Cirrus Aircraft has selected Garmin as its avionics provider for production models of the Vision SF50 personal jet.The Vision flying test aircraft, V1, will have the Cirrus Perspective by GarminTM avionics system installed in early April — the same as is available on the SR-series of piston aircraft by Cirrus — and continue its flight test schedule.

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