CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS evolves

A Carbon Cub in flight.

After three years in production and a fleet of more than 100 aircraft, the CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) is evolving for 2013.

Changes include a new cowling design, an improved cabin heat system, a new starter, and a new system voltage monitor, company officials said. New options are also being introduced, including a ground adjustable propeller from Whirl Wind, a GPS-equipped Emergency Locator Transmitter, and new amphibious floats from Aerocet, which are coming soon.

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Carbon Cub: The beefy LSA


When the term “light” is applied to aircraft, it can give the impression that the machine is somehow delicate. This is SO not the case when it comes to CubCrafters Carbon Cub LSA.

CubCrafters describes the Carbon Cub SS as an aircraft designed “for the pilot who REALLY wants to push the limits of Light Sport.”

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CubCrafters unveils Super Sport Cub

CubCrafters recently unveiled the Super Sport Cub, the company’s most powerful aircraft.

Available immediately, the LSA is a stronger and more powerful version of CubCrafters’ SportCubCrafters Super Cub  Cub S2, according to officials at the Yakima, Wash.-based company.

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