Ask Paul: What’s the TBO on my engine?

Q: I have obtained a 1978 Bellanca 7GCBC with a Lycoming 0-320-A2B engine manufactured in 1977. I am attempting to learn more about this engine, including why the log book contains an entry at the 1,200 hour mark showing the engine as being “on condition” but I have been unable to determine why.

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Engine Components debuts STC’d O-340

OSHKOSH, Wisc. – San Antonio-based Engine Components (ECi) debuted the third in its Titan 340 Stroker series engine here on Monday. The new STC’d version follows Experimental and ASTM versions of the engine.

“The 340 fits the same weight, size and mounts as a 320,” said ECi general manager Tim Moreland. “It is a direct replacement for the 150, 160 or 180 horsepower Lycoming.”

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New Spark Plug Tray from Tempest

Tempest has created a new spark plug tray constructed of high quality metal to protect spark plugs from damage.Rubber feet on the bottom of the tray help keep the tray in place on metal workbenches and tool boxes.

The tray includes numbered spark plug slots allowing for proper spark plug organization and rotation. The tray carries a $62.92 retail price and is available from Authorized Tempest Distributors.

SMA signs maintenance agreement with Lycoming

OSHKOSH — The SR305-230E, which powers Cessna‘s new Turbo 182 NXT, will have a 2,400 time before overhaul, with no full power restrictions, company official reported at AirVenture. The engine, capable of burning Jet-A, Jet-A1, TS-1 or No. 3 fuel, will produce its full 230 horsepower up to 10,000 feet and will still produce 180 horsepower up to 20,000 feet.

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MMA and Cylinders?

Leave it up to the good folks in at San Antonio-based ECi to write a post for their website titled, “Cage Fighting for Cylinders“. In the post, ECi’s Tim Moreland acknowledges that “ECi has gotten a black eye for some cylinder failures so we went to the gym to toughen up.” Using the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Art (MMA) as the metaphor for the work ECi has put into their Titan cylinders makes for clever reading.

CPS slates Rotax training classes

California Power Systems has scheduled Rotax certified training classes from Feb. 14 through the 23. CPS is conducting the classes in its new training facility at the Chino Airport (CNO) in Southern California.

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