Ask Paul: Why is my engine oil creamy?

Q: I am doing a 100-hour inspection on a Piper Aztec with TSIO 540 Lycomings using Shell 15/50 oil with 50 hours on the oil. They are both midtime engines on this photo plane. They fly six hours a day at low power settings. The left engine oil is black like it should be after 50 hours. The right engine oil is a light creamy color. Something is not right.

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Ask Paul: What’s causing vibration?

Q: I recently installed a new three-blade propeller in my Comanche 250 with an O-540 engine. After the first flight I noticed a vibration when I decrease the rpm to 2400 or below, so I had the prop dynamically balanced. This did not change anything. The engine still vibrated.

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Ask Paul: Fly more, get longer TBO?

Q: I bought my first plane, a 1981 Cessna T182RG, in May 2012. I have been flying this plane frequently and have put over 300 hours on it in the last calendar year. I can tell you that in 2005 it received a factory remanufactured engine from Lycoming and at the 1,000 hour mark got a complete top end overhaul. Now Lycoming shows the TBO at 2,000 hours, but I have found documentation from Lycoming that put the TBO at 2,200 hours providing you are running at 40 hours a month. For me that translates to the more you run the engine the more hours you can squeeze out of it.

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Tempest tapped by Continental

GIBSONVILLE, NC – Continental Motors, Inc. has selected Tempest as its supplier of choice for spark plugs and oil filters.

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Overhauling, and more, for 35 years

TULSA, Okla. – Aircraft Specialties Services is celebrating 35 years in business in 2013.

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FAA issues Emergency AD for some Rotax 912 engines

The FAA has issued an emergency airworthiness directive affecting certain Rotax 912 series engines. According to a report at, the AD requires that the pressure side fuel hose be replaced on fuel pumps with the certain serial numbers. An AD from the European Aviation Safety Agency indicates that the pressure side fuel hose on these pumps may not be manufactured to full fuel-resistant standards, which could result in the degradation of the interior of the hose and the resulting debris fouling the fuel system.

CPS to host Rotax classes

California Power Systems will host three Rotax classes in in August.

Continental plans line of diesel engines

OSHKOSH — With funding from its Chinese owner, Continental Motors is embarking on development of a line of diesel engines ranging from 160 hp to 350 hp.

Continental President Rhett Ross reported at AirVenture said that the company plans to certify its first diesel engine this year, and have it on the production line by the first quarter of 2013.

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Zenith Engine Day at AirVenture

OSHKOSH — “I don’t know anything about engines,” said Zenith Aircraft‘s Sebastien Heintz. “That’s why I asked a bunch of engine folks to our exhibit space at AirVenture.”

At Thursday’s Zenith Engine Day, visitors could see and talk about the RevmasterRotaxVikingULPowerJabiru, and Corvair engines. The crowded display spoke to the event’s success.

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Tecnam jumps on 912 iS bandwagon

For aircraft delivered after July 2012, Tecnam will offer Rotax’s new 912 iS for all “Advanced Ultralights and Light Sport Aircraft” in its product line.

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