Different cultures, different customs

In response to our request for photos of shirt tails being cut after first solo, Zenith Aircraft’s Sebastien Heintz responded with: “Different cultures commemorate the solo flight in different ways. Here’s a video clip from Thailand from one of our customers.”

Also, it’s not too late to send in photos from your first solo and getting your shirt tail cut. Send it to janice@generalaviationnews.com

Wanted: Photos of your shirt tail being cut after your first solo

As part of our upcoming Learn to Fly issue, we’re looking for photos from readers of the celebrations following their first solo and the cutting of their shirt tails. Send them to janice@generalaviationnews.com

Get a free video of your first solo

It’s the flight we remember all our lives and to help you remember it, Nflightcam makes it possible to record your first solo. Better yet, it will produce a professionally-edited HD video of the experience. Free.

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Commemorate your first solo

Whether it’s your own first solo or that of a friend or family member, Sporty’s First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque will keep that memory vivid. The alder wood, laser-etched plaque is custom engraved with the pilot’s name and airplane on two lines.

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Start of a flying career on 16th birthday

Jeff Spahr, a sophomore at Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida, celebrated his 16th birthday March 10 and had something more important on his mind than getting his driver’s license. Jeff started taking flying lessons at Gulf Coast International Flight Academy, Inc. when he was just 14 years old and he became eligible to fly solo for the first time on his 16th birthday.

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Solo times two at Sporty’s Academy

Two brothers, each enrolled in the University of Cincinnati’s Professional Pilot program, soloed within one hour of each other at Sporty’s Academy last week.

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First tailwheel solo: Jerry Rittenhouse

We recently asked pilots on our Facebook page to share the story of their first solos. Here’s Jerry Rittenhouse’s story: In 1965 at age 20, I heard of a 1941 Piper J5 for sale at Morton, Washington. The J5 was a 75-hp tailwheel lightplane. Morton was a logging town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains south of Mt. Rainier (14,412 feet).

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First solo: Chris Norton

We recently asked pilots on our Facebook page to share the story of their first solos. Here’s Chris Norton’s story: Just like all the rest of you that soloed and lived to tell the tale, mine was one of the days I will remember for the rest of my life — which is slightly disturbing because they say you really remember things that are shocking or traumatizing.

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First solo: Bill Lyons

We recently asked pilots on our Facebook page to share the story of their first solos. Here’s Bill Lyon’s story: I soloed at 7 or 8 hours instruction, from a then grass and gravel strip at Farmville Virginia, 68 years ago. My instructor, one Jesse Edwards, was substantially overweight; I was a 120 pound stripling. The aircraft was a 65 hp Piper Cub.

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