Katrina Bradshaw Memorial BuildAPlane Center opens at Flabob Airport


BuildAPlane has joined with the Thomas Wathen Center in Riverside, California, to create a permanent facility that allows kids to build real airplanes.  The Katrina Bradshaw Memorial BuildAPlane Center is outfitted as a complete A&P facility providing tooling and materials to build and restore aircraft.

In the latest project, 16 kids from around Los Angeles have signed up restore an early Stinson 108.

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Flabob Airport to host Veteran’s Day celebration

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — The Thomas Wathen Center and Flabob Airport will host a Veteran’s Day celebration Saturday, Nov. 10th. Activities will begin at 9 a.m. and continue throughout the day. At noon there will be a special ceremony honoring all branches of military service. The event will feature speeches, honor guards and music. That is traditionally followed by a parade with veterans featured as guests.

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Flabob Airport launches Flying Circus

Tom Wathen’s fabulous replica racers will be part of the Flying Circus this fall.

In a program designed to bring the origins of flight into modern day, Flabob Airport (RIR) in Riverside, Calif., will become the site for an Aerial Cavalcade Sept. 29. On that date, people will have the rare opportunity to see a Wright Flyer replica make a flight straight down the runway. A French Bleriot is also expected to fly. These two pioneer aircraft will be followed by flying machines from the 1920s, 1930s and ’40s. [Read more…]