FltPlan debuts free checklist program

FltPlan has introduced a free checklist program integrated with a pilot’s flight planning account. The program makes completing the checklist easier, ensuring that no step is accidentally missed, according to company officials.

It also enables pilots to quickly transfer a checklist to other tail numbers, share it with other pilots, and print the checklist with a few simple commands.

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Pilot Central launches

Pilot Central of Atlanta launched its one-stop-shopping website at last week’s SUN ’n FUN. It’s designed to centralize a pilot’s personal and aviation needs all in one place, according to Pilot Central president Elliott Borenstein.

Those who enroll on the website can select a permanent, lifelong aviation email address. Choices are ‘YourName’@FAAInstructor.com, ‘YourName’@FAAExaminer.com ‘YourName’@FAAPilotCentral.com, ‘YourName’@FAAPilotMail.com, ‘YourName’@AVSportPilot.com or YourName’@FAAMechanic.com.

“As an examiner I had difficulty keeping up with instructors’ frequently changing email,” Borenstein explained.

Email, contacts and calendar are all managed through the members’ personal webmail page.

A search tool on the main page can be used to locate aviation professionals. For example, a pilot can get a list of local designated pilot examiners, flight instructors or A&P mechanics. Members are listed first and then those in the public FAA database.

Each user of Pilot Central also creates a profile section. It’s a place where aviation professionals can promote their services and introduce themselves to prospective clients.

Members can share virtually everything, from flight experiences to photographs and videos of aircraft or fly-in destinations, he noted. Add in an unlimited number of frequently used personal website addresses that are stored in the Cloud, and a pilot can concentrate his Internet activity into one location.

Access to weather and flight planning services are available and easily switchable without having to leave the website, he said. DUAT and DUATS, as well as enhanced weather providers, are logged into at the click of a button.

Members of Pilot Central can also obtain value added services at lower prices. An example is Enflight, a flight planning and plain-language weather briefing service.

“Members can sign up for this service through Pilot Central at less than half their annual cost,” Borenstein said. “That way Pilot Central actually pays for itself.”

Pilot Central has formed a partnership with the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI). John Gibson, a director of NAFI, said “We see Pilot Central as a good fit for NAFI, providing our members with the identification and the tools to efficiently manage their time and resources.”

Pilot Central is encouraging pilots and others in the aviation community to register and use the website for free for the next 60 days.

For more information: 855-AVPILOT (855-287-4568) or log onto FAAPilotCentral.com

Flight Guide adds ADS-B in-flight weather

The Flight Guide iEFB (v5.0.4) has added ADS-B in-flight weather via Sky Radar single and dual band units from Radenna. Larry Garcia, owner of Airguide Publications said, “Flight Guide iEFB now displays live color coded weather and data such as NEXRAD, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, TFRs and Winds Aloft as an overlay on any VFR or IFR chart, providing increased situational awareness and flight safety.”

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TRI-NAV expands line of flight planning atlases

TRI-NAV Aviation Chart Co. has expanded its line of bound flight planning atlases to cover both IFR and VFR flights for the continental U.S. and the Islands of the Bahamas & Caribbean.

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Sporty’s touts EZPlotter as easiest plotter available

Sporty’s now offers the EZPlotter, with officials touting it as the easiest plotter available.

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Registration opens for Lockheed Martin’s Pilot Web Portal

Lockheed Martin Flight Services has opened online registration for its Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) Pilot Web Portal and new Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS). ACAS.

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Lockheed Martin enhances flight planning website, adds Adverse Condition Alerting Service

Lockheed Martin Flight Services (LMFS) has launched the Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) Pilot Web Portal with the new Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS), designed to enhance safety and convenience for pilots who use LMFS to file flight plans.

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Sporty’s electronic E6B gets a makeover

Sporty’s has given its electronic E6B flight computer a facelift, with a new rugged case and enhanced features, inlcuding a larger keypad and its own built-in storage case. Rubber feet have been added to keep the E6B from slipping during use, while a new backlit screen makes it useful for night operations.

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AOPA launches Android version of FlyQ Pocket app

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has released the Android version of its FlyQ smartphone app. FlyQ Pocket, free to AOPA members, provides airport information, aviation weather, and flight planning capability.

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iFlightPlanner introduces A/FD, weather and chart widget

iFlightPlanner has released the iFlightPlanner Widget, designed to allow the addition of iFlightPlanner’s airport and aviation weather information to any website. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts who are signed into an iFlightPlanner free or premium account gain 1-click access to a complete Airport/Facility Directory, Weather Center and aviation charts through any website that hosts the iFlightPlanner Widget.

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