Jus’ Buzzng Round


Spotted while walking through the vintage aircraft area at this summer’s Oshkosh was a 1947 Navion sporting military colors. Why wasn’t it parked in the Warbird area? Because owner Robert Gaines of Nashville wanted to park close to his friends.

During a quick chat at the show, he noted that the Navion’s previous owner get the credit for not only the yellow invasion striping, but also the “Jus Buzzng Round” logo on the nose.

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$100 buys a hamburger and hope

official lee bottom logo

HANOVER, INDIANA – Lee Bottom Flying Field (64I) suffered a direct hit by an F4 tornado on March 2. As a result, every piece of equipment and building was either damaged or destroyed. After surveying the damage, it was determined the long popular annual Wood, Fabric & Tailwheels Fly-In could no longer be held. The strip is usable, but the facilities are not. In its place, organizers will hold the $100 Hamburger Tornado Relief Fly-In on Saturday, Sept. 29.

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My last day at Oshkosh

Kate with her cousin Nate Sova under the Brown Arch on the AirVenture
grounds. This was Nate’s first time at AirVenture, Kate’s 12th.


As the rush of fear set upon me, I froze. The propeller was so close, whirring around at an unbelievable pace. I could feel the rush of wind it was emitting, coasting over my neck.

“Katie, come on!” My whole body jolted into action as I snapped back into reality. I ran around to the other side of the SR20 and pushed the scalding, sun-beaten wing with all my might, slowly steering the plane towards the runway. The crew and I were last in line. [Read more…]