Tips for pilots working abroad

Skaiste Knyzaite_CEO at

With the global reach of aviation increasing, it has become common for pilots to fly in several different countries. And while it may seem fascinating, moving and working abroad is a serious decision in one’s life and career. What should pilots consider before accepting a job abroad? How should they act while working for a foreign company? How can they ensure the best possible conditions away from home?

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How much control should other nations have on U.S. pilots?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — General aviation pilot who fly frequently to Europe are finding problems that can make flying expensive, as well as more difficult, and are raising questions about just how much United States aviation should be controlled by other nations.

The newest problem is a European court’s ruling on Dec. 21, 2011, that a plan by European regulators to tax carbon emissions from aircraft using European airspace must apply to all operators, regardless of where those aircraft are based, including the U.S. [Read more…]