Levil Technology upgrades line of wireless avionics

iLevil2  SW and AW

Levil Technology Corp., which manufactures GPS/ADS-B/AHRS/SV portable systems for iOS and Android tablets, has launched an upgrade to its existing line of Wireless Integrated Avionics Module (WIAM) systems.

The new, portable iLevil2 SW and the permanent-mount iLevil2-AW will provide the foundation for a virtual IFR panel display on any iPad or Android device. Their dual-band design will allow pilots to see more ADS-B traffic at any altitude, according to company officials. [Read more…]

Stratus ESG debuts


Stratus ESG, a 1090 Extended Squitter (ES) all-in-one ADS-B Out solution with certified WAAS GPS, was recently introduced by Appareo.

Priced at $3,490, which includes the transponder, GPS antenna and install kit, the Stratus ESG is a panel-mounted 1090ES transponder with a built-in WAAS GPS. It will provide pilots with a solution to comply with the 2020 ADS-B mandate and seamless integration with their Stratus ADS-B portable receivers and ForeFlight Mobile app, according to Appareo officials. [Read more…]

FBO tales

Cut Bank, Montana

Talking about flying with non-pilots reminds me of just how foreign the concept of general aviation is to most people.

The ease of traveling in one’s own airplane is wildly different from most non-aviators’ experiences of flying. I remember being in the front row at a comedy show, and the comedian began his routine about how painful commercial travel had become by asking the audience “who likes flying?” Without thinking, I nodded and smiled — of course I like flying! Cue the relentless teasing and heckling.

But what many non-pilots don’t know is that there is an exceptional network supporting the flying community and making air travel enjoyable and convenient.

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