iCloth for grubby screens

iCloth Avionics

I know a guy who hates it – HATES IT – when anyone touches his computer screen. He’s a big guy, with a dark beard, long hair and many tattoos. Get close to his screen and you can hear the grumble starting deep down in his belly.

In today’s world of smartphones, tablets and touchscreen avionics, not touching a screen is near impossible. So what to do? [Read more…]

Pictures of the day: Biplane fly-by


Bill Kiviat sent in these photos taken Feb. 7. “I was working at my desk shortly before 1100 hours this morning. Through the window I could hear the sound of reciprocal engines in the area. I grabbed my Canon 7D Mark 2 with the 70 to 300 mm lens and went out the front door.

“I could hear the engines, but not see the aircraft, so I searched the sky,” he continued. “Then from the north a flight of five biplanes were heading south to my location. I set the camera and started to track the aircraft. Below are some of the images I recorded during the two fly-bys of my location.” [Read more…]

Mooney on the move


This is not your grandfather’s Mooney

The distinctive “backwards” tail remains, but a full-scale mock-up of Mooney’s new M10 model, which made its U.S. debut in April at SUN ’n FUN, revealed an important part of the company’s vision for the future.

Dr. Jerry Chen, Mooney’s CEO, wants pilots to progress from trainers to high speed cruisers while staying within the Mooney product line. [Read more…]