Lighting system for wind farms tested

Laufer Wind has successfully demonstrated its Aircraft Detection Sight Solution (ADSS), the first-ever trial against a radar-activated obstruction lighting system on a wind farm in the U.S.

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First aviation mechanic display added to Air Force Museum

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force honored the first aviation mechanic, Charles E. Taylor, by unveiling a bronze bust of his likeness for permanent display during a ceremony in the museum’s Early Years Gallery July 21.

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Florida Aviation Network to raffle off flight in T-6 Texan

ORLANDO, Florida —The Florida Aviation Network , in partnership with Stallion 51 Corporation, is raffling off a chance to fly in the T-6 Texan “THANG.”

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Pilot develops cockpit lighting system to prevent spatial disorientation

Australian pilot Russell Crane has received a provisional patent for the Green Orientation Light — or GO Light — a cockpit lighting system designed to solve the problem of spatial disorientation.

“The GO Light is a system of light fixtures that will give pilots a constant reference point of the horizon in their peripheral vision, helping them stay continually aware of the plane’s attitude,” Crane said.

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Eclipse upgrade program sells out

Eclipse Aerospace reports that all 2014 Eclipse 500 PLUS upgrade positions have been sold.

Since the program commenced March 12, more than 60 Eclipse Jet owners have selected the Eclipse 500 PLUS upgrade for their aircraft, company officials said.

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Piper runs out of fuel

Aircraft: Piper Comanche. Injuries: None. Location: Blacksburg, Va. Aircraft damage: Substantial.

What reportedly happened: The  accident happened during the approach to land. The pilot had the left fuel selector set to the left main tank and the right fuel selector was set to the right main tank. The engine began to lose power during the approach.

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The simplest way to share wings

You’ve decided to consider sharing your wings. Good for you! Like sharing a life, sharing an asset can benefit numerous people and allow them to potentially do more than going it alone.

But it also can complicate life. Making a logical decision about co-ownership can help you get more for your flying investment.

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Subsonex JSX-2 makes first flights

OSHKOSH — Sonex Aircraft reports that the SubSonex Personal Jet model JSX-2 achieved first flight on Thursday, July 10, completing a series of initial flight tests through the remainder of the week.

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SMO to be on November ballot

The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters has ruled that the residents of the city of Santa Monica can vote Nov. 16 on an initiative requiring a vote from residents before the city can make any changes to land uses at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO). According to a post at, nearly 16,000 Santa Monica voters signed a petition asking for a say in future land developments related to the airport.

Friday Harbor Fly-In set for July 26

If airport events conjure up big crowds on acres of concrete, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that one of America’s quaint little islands is about to host its fifth annual Fly-In and Community Open House, Saturday, July 26.

Friday Harbor Airport, on San Juan Island in Washington state, hosts a free day-long family friendly event, starting with a pancake breakfast from 8-10am, a show kickoff at 10, and activities until 3pm.

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