Pictures of the day: Breitling Jet Team tours the U.S.

Breitling Jet Team Flies Over Statue of Liberty

The Breitling Jet Team, supported by the Swiss watch company Breitling, took in some of the most incredible sights during its first-ever North American Tour this summer.

Performing in the U.S. for the first time this year, the team took the opportunity to see some of the incredible sights our country has to offer, given the bird’s eye views they have from the cockpits of their seven L-39 C Albatros jets.

Flights included a breathtaking pass over the New York City skyline, and a flight to salute the iconic French warship, the Hermione, as well as a flight near Mount Rushmore, the Kennedy Space Station in Florida, Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rainier in Washington State. [Read more…]

Forget the why, focus on the how

I spent my Saturday productively, standing at the front of the Eickhoff Conference Room at SUN ‘n FUN, leading a donut and coffee fueled group of Rusty Pilots back through the intricacies of airspace, weather reports, and right of way rules. It was great. We spent three hours together laughing, learning, and sharing a few personal stories that gave context to the art and science of flying in the general aviation environment.

Near the end of the formal presentation, a very attentive fellow near the back of the room asked a great question. “Do we know why so many people have fallen away from flying?” he asked. [Read more…]