Program on forced landing survival skills offered

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s (AOPA) Air Safety Institute has released a new video and printed guide to help pilots and passengers survive conditions following an aircraft forced landing.

The program, “Survive: Beyond the Forced Landing,” covers best practices for general aviation flights that result in off-airport landings. It also reviews survival communications, preferred gear and offers advice for detection from rescuers.

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New terminal and hangars in works for KBKL

Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL), the top airfield for business aviation in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, is getting a new terminal. According to a report at, Landmark Aviation expects to break ground in the spring on the 8,000-square-foot terminal for general aviation aircraft. The $6 million to $7 million project also will add 20,000 square feet of hangar space, doubling Landmark’s hangar capacity at Burke.

Ohio governor proclaims GA appreciation month

For the fourth year in a row, Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared December General Aviation (GA) Appreciation Month.

“Ohio GA airports contribute nearly $5.5 billion, or $478 per capita, to the state’s economy yearly,” Kasich wrote in his proclamation. He noted that aviation has a total economic impact of $10.5 billion annually in the state and is responsible for generating 17,352 jobs.

Super Cub breaks through the ice

The pilot took off in his Super Cub from a private airstrip in a wheel/ski-equipped airplane on a local area flight. He attempted to land on an ice-covered, frozen lake, and, due to the bare ice conditions, he elected to land in a wheel configuration instead of ski configuration. [Read more…]

Prepare — winter doesn’t last forever

Recently a series of cold fronts have marched down from the region of the north pole, bringing biting winds, frigid temperatures, and enough ice to supply a wet bar that’s serving Jackie Gleason, Foster Brooks, and Dean Martin simultaneously. If you’re into ice fishing, snow machine races, or the latest cutting-edge snowshoe designs, the weather is ideal. If you’re a general aviation nut, however, it’s somewhat less conducive to getting out and putting some distance between your tires and terra firma. And if you’re a seaplane enthusiast, you’re pretty much out of luck for the moment. [Read more…]