Cannibalism: A cautionary tale

You can consider this post to be a cautionary tale, told in advance of things getting really, truly ugly. I hope you’ll read it carefully, take it seriously, and take it as the motivational tool it is intended to be.

When I was a teenager I had a small flock of chickens. After a year or so I gave them up and turned the birds over to my brother, who expanded the flock considerably. Eventually he grew quite a little business out of the endeavor. By the time he graduated high school he had something like 300 white leghorns out in the barn.

It would seem simple enough to raise chickens. There’s not much to it, really. Throw a little feed in the yard, provide clean water, and collect the eggs on a daily basis. Look at that — one, two, three and you’re a farmer. Then again, there’s the cannibalism to think about. Oh yes, I said cannibalism.

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Avey Field no longer under state management

LAURIER, Wash. – Formerly a state-managed airport, Avey Field (69S) in northeast Washington will now be managed by its private owners, Howard and Elaine Slagle. The airport will remain open to the public.

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Airport (and a dream) for sale in Illinois

It all started when a Midwestern farmer plowed up his corn to pursue a dream. People came. But there was still a cold, hard world out there, and eventually the dream fell into jeopardy. Now, Galt Field is up for sale for $2.9 million, not bad considering it comes with a renovated farm house, 19 other buildings, FBO, hangars, maintenance shop, and 2,500-gallon fuel facility, according to a report at

Avgas now available at 3S4 for first time in 30 years

For the first time in more than 30 years, the Illinois Valley Airport (3S4) in Cave Junction, Oregon, has a stable supply of 100LL aviation fuel for piston-engine aircraft.

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HEF to extend runway

In July, Manassas Regional Airport (HEF), Virginia’s largest regional airport, began construction to extend its longest runway by an extra 500 feet. The five-phase project is expected to be completed by Nov. 30 at a total cost of $4.4 million.

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‘Green’ general aviation terminal opens at PTK

A state-of-the-art general aviation terminal building has just opened at Oakland County International Airport (PTK) in southeastern Michigan that has been certified to the LEED Gold standard.

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Things are looking up at M08

Revenues at the Hardeman County Airport (M08), also known as William L. Whitehurst Memorial Field, in Bolivar, Tennessee, are on the way up, according to figures for fuel sales and rents compiled after the county’s fiscal year ended June 30, 2012.

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BVS adds $86 million to local economy

Skagit Regional Airport (BVS) in Washington state generates $85.9 million per year in economic impacts for the Skagit Valley, according to a new report issued by the Aviation Division of the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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Galt Airport on auction block

A story in the Chicago Tribune reports that Galt Airport will go on the foreclosure auction block this week over a debt of $16 million. The story notes: “Galt has some quirky characteristics — including a cabin in which hangar tenants can spend the night — but its story reveals some of the pressures facing small, general aviation airports. A downturn in business, high gas prices and potential redevelopment threaten the existence of the 62-year-old airfield, much to the chagrin of the student pilots, aviation enthusiasts and others for whom Galt has become a social hub.” Read the full story here.

20N hosts art exhibit

Kingston-Ulster Airport (20N) in Kingston, N.Y., is hosting an Aviation Photo & Art Exhibit until June 30. The exhibit features aerial photographs and aviation-inspired photos, art and sculpture beneath the arched ceiling of the airport’s 4,800-square-foot hangar. The art exhibit is free and open to the public daily from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.