LAMA President’s Award

Congratulations to Jan Fridrich of the European arm of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) who was presented with the LAMA President’s Award during AirVenture. LAMA President Dan Johnson (right) said Fridrich was the overwhelming choice of more than 800 people in the light-sport aircraft industry for this year’s award.

Able Flight honors newest pilots

OSHKOSH — Able Flight pinned wings on five of its newest pilots at Phillips 66 Plaza on Tuesday at AirVenture. “We’ve trained eight pilots so far in 2012,” said Able Flight founder Charles Stites. “And it’s only July.” All learned to fly at the 3rd annual Able Flight/Purdue University joint training project this summer.

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Skycatcher moving from LSA category

OSHKOSH — Cessna will move the 162 Skycatcher from the Light Sport Aircraft category to Part 21 to aid in certification in countries around the world that do not recognize the LSA category. In the U.S., sport pilots will still be able to fly as an LSA, according to Cessna officials.

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