Government hypocrisy regarding BizAv

Judicial Watch has uncovered, and posted it its website, large volumes of email documenting Congressional requests for military airlifts. The March 10, 2009 story highlights some of the more brazen communications from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office and assistant’s to Department of Defense (DOD) staff.

During another email exchange DOD staff advised Kay King that one Pelosi military aircraft request could not be met because of “crew rest requirements” and offered to help secure commercial travel. Kay King responded: “We appreciate the efforts to help the codel [sic] fly commercially but you know the problem that creates with spouses. If we can find another way to assist with military assets, we would like to do that.”


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DEA Official to address industry threats at Summit

The 2008 NATA Air Charter Summit will provide exclusive insight into emerging threats to charter operators from the illegal drug trade.

At a special luncheon on June 10, William C. Brown, Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) Aviation Division, will discuss the DEA’s increased focus on air charter and how operators can best ensure they are not targets of the drug runners.

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