Innovations: Add ANR to your old headset

Many pilots have upgraded their headset to one of the many popular ANR headsets on the market. But what to do for a passenger without a headset or for someone yet to make the leap to an ANR?

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beyerdynamic headset quiets ride home

“Do you have a headset?” Ivy McIver asked after I said “Yes,” to the offer to fly home with her from AirVenture in a Cirrus SR22T. “Uh, no, but I’ll get one.”

As luck would have it, my wanderings around AirVenture took me into Hangar C, where I found beyerdynamic. I explained the opportunity of flying 8-plus hours in a Cirrus, to New York-based beyerdynamic sales manager Peter Carini, and he kindly offered the company’s flagship HS 800 to sample. “The pilot will be using a Bose A20, so this will give me a chance to compare the two fairly easily,” I mentioned.

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Flightcom launches new Denali headsets

OSHKOSH — Flightcom debuted four new general aviation headsets in its Denali line at AirVenture. The new headsets replace the original Denali series and include two active noise reduction (ANR) models.

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Sennheiser debuts passive headset

OSHKOSH — On opening day of AirVenture in Oshkosh, Sennheiser introduced the S1 Passive headset for general aviation pilots.

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Lightspeed Aviation launches FlightLink app

Pilots can now turn their iPads or iPhones into cockpit voice recorders with FlightLink, a free, downloadable app developed by Lightspeed Aviation to work with newer Zulu.2 headsets. All communications through the intercom are recorded and available for instant playback and permanent archiving. Multiple recordings may be stored either in Apple devices or in an iTunes account.

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beyerdynamic kicks off special AirVenture pricing early

Starting July 1, beyerdynamic is offering its top model headset, the HS 800 Digital, at a special “exhibition price” of $799, which is $140 below the MSRP of $939. This offer is valid until July 29, the last day of the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh.

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Flightcom debuts new line of general aviation headsets

Flightcom has introduced a new line of of eight general aviation headsets. The Venture headsets includes two active noise reduction (ANR) models, company officials note. [Read more...]