Flying coast to coast in a homebuilt



Many people dream of making the trip of a lifetime, but few make the dream a reality. Not so for Albert and Sharon Gardner, a Yuma, Ariz., couple who flew coast to coast in their RV-10. Last summer, the couple flew nearly 12,000 miles, landing in 100 cities in 37 states.

The trip was the culmination of a longtime desire that Albert had to land his airplane in every contiguous state of the Union. Prior to this trip, he had landed his airplane in every state west of the Mississippi.

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Zenith offers quick build kit for CH 650


MEXICO, Missouri — A quick build kit of the low-wing CH 650 from Zenith Aircraft Company is now available. The main fuselage of the all-metal, light sport aircraft, is assembled at the factory which cuts built time and simplifies the process. In addition, the kit also offers factory-installed bubble canopy and cabin frame. The new quick build kit costs $22,950 while the regular CH 650 base kit is priced at $18,500.

Zenith 750: Now bigger


Introduced at this year’s Sun’n Fun was Zenith Aircraft Co.’s bigger Zenith STOL CH 750 light sport utility kit aircraft. The STOL CH 750 cabin has been increased in size by raising the cabin height by nearly 3 inches (or 70 mm.)

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Sub kits available for Radial Rocket


Sub kits for the Radial Rocket are now available from Altitude Group. Previously only complete airframe kits were available. The four sub kits now available are Horizontal Stab Kit ($8,935), Fuselage Kit ($20,980), Wing Kit ($29,750) and Finish/Final Assembly Kit ($14,985). Once complete a builder will have a 220+ mph tandem two-seater capable of travelling 1,300 miles at a time. Available as either a fixed gear tail dragger or a retractable tricycle gear, the Radial Rocket is designed for either an M-14P (360 hp) or M-14PF (400 hp) radial engine. For more information call 913-634-8531.

NTSB completes data collection on experimental accidents

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Throughout 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board conducted a study of Experimental Amateur-Built (E-AB) aircraft to evaluate the safety of this growing and innovative segment of general aviation. In addition to using the information gathered during its accident investigations, the NTSB has been working with the FAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and individual owners and builders to evaluate a range of issues unique to this popular segment of general aviation.

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