NATA’s Coyne asks Senate to oppose automobile bailout

National Air Transportation Association (NATA) President James K. Coyne sent a letter to members of the Senate, Dec. 11, encouraging opposition to House bill 7321, which authorizes financial assistance to automobile manufacturers. The Senate plans to consider the bill immediately.

Within the House legislation is a provision that would prohibit the major automobile manufacturers from owning or leasing private aircraft. After reviewing this language, in consultation with Congressional staff, NATA believes that the provision also is intended to preclude the use of commercial, on-demand air carriers, and as participation in fractional ownership programs.

According to Coyne, “Approving the legislation with this provision sets a damaging precedent that will detrimentally affect the thousands of small businesses in this country that provide air transportation using general aviation aircraft, as well as the small businesses that support these types of operations.

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