Knots 2 U: Still growing after 34 years



When the speed bug hit Jim Bradshaw back in the 1980s, he was flying a Piper Twin Comanche. The Comanche is a nice, nimble, speedy airplane that motivates quite well on two smallish 160-hp Lycomings. It feels “sporty” for a mid-sized twin.

As do all “go fast” junkies, Bradshaw sat down with a pencil and paper and tried to figure out how to make his airplane go faster without having to add horsepower. He accomplished this simply and effectively by cleaning up the airframe in what looked like turbulent, draggy areas and went on to win the CAFE 400 efficiency race in his category.

The result was a place in history and a small business in Burlington, Wis., that continues to grow, mature, and invent.

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