STOL CH 750 offered as factory-assembled LSA


The STOL CH 750, is now available as a factory-assembled LSA aircraft from Tenn-Air (931-680-2800). Pete Krotje (who heads Jabiru USA) announced at EAA AirVenture that Tennessee Aircraft Development, LLC (Tenn-Air) has licensed the design rights from Zenair to produce the all-metal high-wing CH 750 as a factory-assembled Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The aircraft is being powered by the six-cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine, and offered at the introductory price of $74,900.

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Icon Aircraft teams with Cirrus on production of A5


Cirrus Aircraft will become “one of the key strategic supplier partners” for the Icon A5 amphibious Light Sport Aircraft, according to officials with the two companies, who have inked a deal for Cirrus, the manufacturer of the SR20 and SR22 lines of high-performance single-engine aircraft, to produce a significant portion of the composite airframe components for the A5.

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Flying the Bristell


Since the Sebring LSA Expo in January, the airshow season has rushed by at warp speed and now we can return to more aircraft flown at the event that kicks off the aviation year. In this post, we’ll have a quick look at the all-new Bristell, first unveiled to the American pilot community at the AOPA Aviation Summit last fall in Hartford, Connecticut.

If you feel a sense of deja vu when looking at Bristell, that’s understandable. It has some common design heritage with the SportCruiser or PiperSport because the man behind the BRM Aero Bristell — Milan Bristela — was once affiliated with Czech Aircraft Works which originated the design.

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From Kiev with love: Flying the Aeroprakt LSA



With the meltdown of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine gained its independence, causing private enterprise to bloom, including Kiev-based Aeroprakt company, founded the same year and bolstered by an investment by Saudi Sheik Hussein. The result was several Light-Sport Aircraft, principally the Aeroprakt A22-LS.

Designed by Yuri Yakovlev, the LSA has become so popular around the world that it is currently the only model on Aeroprakt’s production line.

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LSAs vs. Cessna 150s


There’s been a lot of debate in the aviation community over the value and challenges of LSA as flight trainers compared to old standards like Cessna 150s. I’d like to weigh in on some the questions being raised.

Are LSA harder to fly — specifically, are they harder to land? The best way to respond is to say that they are different. [Read more…]

Welcome to Sling


Have you been thinking that it’s been some time since a new Special LSA was announced? While the torrid pace of yesteryear has abated, it ain’t over by a long shot. I know of at least a dozen aircraft still in progress to achieve SLSA status. Now, welcome to Sling, SLSA #125.

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