From Kiev with love: Flying the Aeroprakt LSA



With the meltdown of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine gained its independence, causing private enterprise to bloom, including Kiev-based Aeroprakt company, founded the same year and bolstered by an investment by Saudi Sheik Hussein. The result was several Light-Sport Aircraft, principally the Aeroprakt A22-LS.

Designed by Yuri Yakovlev, the LSA has become so popular around the world that it is currently the only model on Aeroprakt’s production line.

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LSAs vs. Cessna 150s


There’s been a lot of debate in the aviation community over the value and challenges of LSA as flight trainers compared to old standards like Cessna 150s. I’d like to weigh in on some the questions being raised.

Are LSA harder to fly — specifically, are they harder to land? The best way to respond is to say that they are different. [Read more…]

Welcome to Sling


Have you been thinking that it’s been some time since a new Special LSA was announced? While the torrid pace of yesteryear has abated, it ain’t over by a long shot. I know of at least a dozen aircraft still in progress to achieve SLSA status. Now, welcome to Sling, SLSA #125.

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Familiar frame, different name


For some planes, it’s the (air)frame, not the name, that sells it.

Such is the case with the Polish-built AT-4, an airframe that was introduced to the American market a few years back as the Gobosh 700. Gobosh, which stands for Go Big Or Stay Home, went out of business in 2009, but the AT-4 has returned to America, marketed by Aero AT-USA, based at Northampton Airport (7B2) in Massachusetts.

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Flying the Alto 100

While Sebring 2012 crowds were the best ever and plentiful aircraft made for good shopping resulting in a flurry of sales, one of the best aspects of Sebring 2012 was ideal weather. Numerous pilots experienced some of their final choices before handing over the cash. Such perfect conditions also allowed reporters to get in on the action. More detailed reports will follow but now I am pleased to offer a mini-report on the Alto 100.

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Beauty and the bird: Do esthetics matter?

Lisa Akoya

Even those who are not Apple fans agree the trend-setting California company’s focus on design beauty draws attention to its products. From its position near the back of the pack a dozen years ago, Apple has become the most valuable tech company in the world. Could this be due to its highly-refined sense of esthetics? More to the point of aviation enthusiasts, is artful design an ingredient in pleasing customers?

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