Midwest LSA Expo gathers more positive press

The Mt. Vernon (Illinois) Register-News reports planning for the October 1-3 Midwest LSA Expo is proceeding nicely. The Expo is a collaborative effort that has brought together several disparate area organizations.

[Chris] Collins [Mt. Vernon Outland Airport airport manager] said the Expo, which will be held Oct. 1 through 3, has been a joint effort between the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, City of Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County Development Corporation and Mt. Vernon Outland Airport. So far, 37 of the 47 aircraft slots have been filled, and about 15 exhibitors have signed on board, according to Collins.

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New flight school opens at ISM

Orlando Gateway Sport Pilot Flight Training Center, a sport pilot flight school, recently opened at Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) in Florida.

Roger Frechette, a certified flight and ground instructor, owns and operates the training facility along with three instructors. Frechette and his team have nearly 20 years’ flight instruction experience.

The center is associated with Remos Flight Training Center and one of four locations in Florida. Participants can be certified with a sport pilot license in as little as three weeks. The center also offers Discovery Flights, which are for those who want a flying experience as a passenger, for $79 per flight.

For more information: 407-414-8359 or www.orlandogatewaysportpilot.com

Van’s RV-12 earns S-LSA certification

Van's Aircraft RV-12
Van's Aircraft RV-12

Van's Aircraft RV-12

Van’s Aircraft RV-12 was awarded a Special Light Sport Aircaft (S-LSA) certificate on July 21. The certification represents the culmination of three years of design, testing, and attention to the details of complying with all the requirements of the Light Sport Aircraft category.

The next day, Van’s East Coast representative Mitchell Lock flew his first Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) version. Built in Mitch’s Maryland shop, “New Blue” is the first RV-12 built outside Van’s factory.

The easily removable wings, simple construction and traditional “RV” handling qualities of the RV-12 have made the airplane a favorite with Light Sport aircraft builders. Two hundred and fifty RV-12s are under construction in several different countries.

Legend Cub financing now available


New aircraft financing is available from AirFleet Capital for the Legend Cub.

cubThe LSA is manufactured by American Legend Aircraft Co. With AirFleet Capital financing, customers can fly away in a new Legend Cub for around $689 per month, American Legend officials said.

Terms of financing require a minimum of 15% down. Fixed rate financing is available on a 20-year note with no penalty for early payment.

For more information: 903-885-7000 or www.legend.aero.

‘It’s my insurance policy’

David Morgan from Monroe, Ohio is building an RV-12 in his single-stall garage with his wife Rose. He is quoted in the Middletown Journal article that…

“I’m having a little bit of medical problems and it’s my insurance policy that if I don’t pass my physical that I can fly this with my driver’s license.”

This quote would lead me to believe the industry still has a little educating to perform. A reader named Hugo correctly commented at the end of the story that it would be better to forgo a flight physical rather than risk failing. Read the story and see the photos here.

ICON receives new round of investment capital


ICON Aircraft closed another round of equity financing in June. The new round of investment capital is intended to take ICON through the completion of its ongoing engineering and flight test program as well as the manufacturing phase for the ICON A5 amphibious sport plane.

hydrotestThe company’s $40-million in backlogged sales – the order book has surpassed 400, which means the first two years of production are already pre-sold – was instrumental in the “high investor confidence” in ICON, according to Kirk Hawkins, CEO.

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