ADI: Bridging the octane gap

The test stand at Air Plains

As general aviation continues its search for an alternative to 100LL, Todd L. Petersen of Petersen Aviation says there’s a solution that’s been around for a very long time: Anti-Detonation Injection (ADI).

“It is my personal opinion that ADI can be used to operate ANY currently used aviation piston engine on lower octane fuel, and by this I mean 89 to 94 AKI,” he said. “ADI doesn’t care if it’s auto gas or avgas, so if the country went to a lower octane unleaded avgas — anything from 89 to 94, for example — ADI can be used to make up the octane deficit. Either way, ADI works, and no one can dispute that.”

Petersen made the case for ADI in a report made to the ASTM Coordinating Research Council April 30. The complete report follows:

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